Those who Serve

Our Leader is Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Leadership is all about service. With Jesus as our example, we are honored and privileged to lead, guide, and sacrifice for the Summit family.
Chris Baker
Chris was born and raised in Alabama.  He loves the outdoors; hunting, fishing, riding 4 wheelers and motorcycles are his outdoor hobbies. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife Kim and sons Andrew and Samuel, especially curling up on the couch, watching an old move.
Kim Baker
Kim was born in Springfield Missouri and raised in the Midwest. She loves music, she sings and plays the piano. She has been leading in some aspect of worship for the last 20 years. Kim is an amazing cook, loves to hike, and take the dirt road she has never seen before.
Andrew Baker
Andrew graduated high school in 2015 and is now studying to be a paramedic at FVCC.  He has a love for missions and the persecuted church. He loves computers, media and is a hiking machine. 
Samuel Baker
Samuel has a call to worship leadership. He loves to play guitar and sing. He also has a love for soccer and ultimate frisbee. 

This is just the beginning of those who serve the Summit Life Church family. We will be seeking leadership in all aspects of church life. If you are interested in servant leadership, please let us know.